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Proof of Concept

The Legend of Linx Beach

The music video of the hit single “Can It Be So Simple” from the same album spawned a fashion craze, as Raekwon sported a difficult to find “SNOW BEACH” jacket by Ralph Lauren. Raekwon changed the face of Hip Hop through his music while unknowingly influencing a generation with his fashion. The hard to find SNOW BEACH” jacket, is now a coveted piece of Hip Hop history. Complex Magazine once ranked Raekwon’s use of the jacket in the video, as second in “The 50 Greatest Fashion Statements in Rap Video History”, ranking only behind Run DMC’s laceless Adidas Superstar, in the “Walk this Way” video.  CL-95 is the celebration of this epic moment in Hip Hop music and fashion.  Hence the idea in 2014 to create a “Snow Beach” inspired jacket marking the 20 year anniversary of the Only Built for Cuban Linx album.

2 Chainz in the LB MKI
The most expensivest(Viceland)

Dave East
"Cut it Freestyle" Linx Beach MKI

90's Culture Preservationists

CL-95 was created to preserve the fashion trends of the golden age of Hip Hop.  The 90's hip hop rap scene was a community of storytelling MCs. We have deep respect for their authenticity and narrative approaches. All music genres are a product of societal conditions and all have their own story to tell. Hip hop was conceived in a 1973 apartment rec room in the west Bronx. This OG shindig was hosted by brother and sister Clive aka DJ Kool Herc and Cindy Campbell, mad props. Hip hop was formed by expression after the suppression of late '60s radical black groups. Since, hip hop/rap has formed to be a dominant culture, particularly in the late '80s and throughout the '90s. We are honoring 90's hip hop and the rap geniuses to grace us with their lyrical gold.


The #linxbeach #3M reflective tee by _cl95inc available online at www.CL95inc.jpg

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